Exclusively (and artistically) Edmonton

Celebrating our new partnership with the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA).

A big source of pride around here is the love we give local businesses, from Alligator Pie to Zenari’s. That’s why when we get the opportunity to help promote Edmonton institutions, we jump at the chance.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA), one of the city’s most progressive organizations, and by far the coolest building in town.

Why the AGA?
Edmonton has a strong arts scene that’s growing stronger every year. From the city’s first foray into Nuit Blanche to new installations all over town, we’re finally identifying ourselves as more than Western Canada’s best sports city (although that’s still very much a fact).

By lending our support to the AGA, we’re hoping to keep the trend going strongly. We want to see more children exposed to more art and more kinds of art. We want to see more colour around us, and more colourful people among us. We want to see more local artists turn their talents into legitimate careers thanks to fellow Edmontonians who see art as essential to a thriving society. And, of course, we want more people to have a chance to tour the AGA building. It’s so awesome. It’s like actually being in an abstract painting.

And speaking of visiting the AGA Building…
One Friday a month, the AGA turns into an after-work lounge with nibbles, drinks and a live music showcase. They call it “Vibe,” and the next one is Friday, April 15th from 5pm–9pm. Jesse and the Dandelions are headlining and we’re giving away five pairs of tickets to the event. Enter the contest below and don’t forget to read the official rules and regulations.

And whether you win your tickets from us or buy them from the AGA, swing by Manulife Place beforehand for a quick shop and a quicker drink at Zenari’s or Holt’s Café. We’re just an eight-minute walk from the AGA.

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