Love Local | Vandenbergs Jewellers

As a part of our Love Local series, we’re featuring one Manulife Place retailer each week to learn a little bit more about their unique offerings and what they love about owning a business in Downtown Edmonton. Next up: Vandenbergs Jewellers.


Tell us about Vandenbergs Jewellers – When did you open? What do you specialize in? What can shoppers find at your store that they can’t find elsewhere?

Vandenbergs began life as a small fashion jewellery store on the east side of Edmonton. In the Capilano mall in 1976. It didn’t take long for us to develop into a full service jewellery store and we moved downtown in 1980 just a few years before Manulife Place was built. When our lease was up in 1990, we moved to Manulife place and have been here ever since.

Vandenbergs is Edmonton’s premiere custom manufacturing jewellers. We specialize in one of a kind items and coloured stone jewellery. We are said to have the finest selection of Natural Gemstones in Canada. Our fabrication shop is on the premises, behind glass and one of the most modern and complete shop in Canada.

Vandenbergs is the recipient of the prestigious ‘coolest stores in America’ award for 2020. It is an industry award recognizing a stores innovation in design, layout, customer experience, web and internet presence, and overall customer experience. We were one of the top 8 selected throughout North America and the only one from Canada for 2020.


How long has Vandenbergs Jewellers called Manulife Place home?

We’ve been in Manulife Place for over 30 years.


What’s your favourite thing about owning a business in Downtown Edmonton?

Downtown has had it’s ebbs and flows over the years, but it is still the place to be for us. Accessible, free (we validate parking) underground heated parking. We like that you have to make a decision to come to Vandenbergs, it actually help us in ensuring that we have the time to devote to our clients.


When paying a visit to Manulife Place to shop at Vandenbergs Jewellers, what are 3 things you think visitors should see and do when Downtown or at Manulife Place?

Downtown is the place to be for sporting and cultural events and facilities. You can come down early, shop at Vandenbergs hit one of the fine restaurants downtown and then take in an Oilers game or a concert. Or you can make a day of going the Art Gallery, the museum and Vandenbergs. Many choices.


Shopping for jewellery can be be overwhelming, especially when for a gift or special occasion like an engagement. What advice do you have for shoppers and how can Vandenbergs Jewellers help to make that experience less daunting?

At Vandenbergs our motto, is “everything we do is intended to make someone happy” and we strive to live up to that in everything that we do. A big part of that is education, we believe that the more our clients know about what they are purchasing, the more they will appreciate the beauty and the value of their jewellery. We accomplish that by taking our clients through the Vandenbergs experience. We teach them about the stones they are looking at, we educate them on the process including guided tours of our factory. Another part of that is that we are non-commision, there is no pressure at all. This also lets the client access the entire team of experts, designers, Gemologists, Diamond experts, goldsmiths, in order to get the best possible item that fills their needs.

Shopping at Vandenbergs is truly an award winning experience, unique in Canada, right here in Manulife Place.


Vandenbergs Jewellers is open to customers in store and online at

Their hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am – 5:00pm.