Photograph of chef making food

The Holt’s Café New Summer Menu

Holt’s Café’s 2015 summer menu is being served. See the highlights here.

Danielle Job, manager and chef of Holt’s Café, didn’t hesitate when we asked her to give us the highlight of her summer menu that launched today.

“The Mango Chicken Tartine,” she exclaimed. “We’re really proud of that one because it was a customer recommendation. We used to have a mango chicken salad, and a gentleman who ordered it called us over and made the suggestion. We tried it as a special and it was delicious.”

“It’s great being able to tell a returning customer that one of their ideas made it onto the menu,” said Danielle. “The Tourtière we served at Christmas came from a regular, and people loved it.”

The Holt’s Café Mango Chicken Sandwich isn’t the only exclusive-to-Edmonton choice on the summer menu. Holt’s Café kitchens across the country know about Danielle’s Eggs Benny with smoked salmon (and the hollandaise sauce she makes fresh in the mornings).

Other exclusive-to-Edmonton highlights on the summer menu include a new Veggie Burger made from quinoa and beets, and a Chorizo Hash Skillet with shredded potatoes, fresh herbs and two poached eggs.

Big plans for the fall

By September, Holt’s Café will be ready to cater and Danielle can’t wait to get it going.

“People who work in the tower have been asking me since I got here two years ago,” said Danielle. I’m happy to finally be doing it.”

She even put an ad campaign together for the new service. “We’ve never advertised before, so we’ll see how we do.” Look for the ads in the Manulife Place elevators.

Danielle Job studied culinary arts at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), then started her career on the Lancaster Park military base. After stints in a few other kitchens, she came to the Holt’s Café at Manulife Place in 2013.