Do I need to have a business license?
In order to sell any type of good and/or service in Edmonton, you need to have a licence number under the Business License Bylaw. For more information visit: https://www.edmonton.ca/documents/Bylaws/C13138.pdf

Are food concepts able to participate in the contest?
Absolutely! We love our foodies. The only restriction is that there is NO venting available in the space. This means your concept has to be fresh and/or one that does not require exhaust.

Is there a possibility to operate longer than three months?
We’ll cross that bridge when we get there! Should you win the contest, and your business is a great success, extension of the pop-up term is subject to the landlord’s approval.

Where is this information going?
Can I trust my intellectual property will not be sold or duplicated anywhere else? All information submitted to the contest is completely confidential. Your intellectual property will not be shared with the public or disclosed to any third parties.

What are the judges of this contest looking for?
Authenticity and uniqueness! We are looking for well thought out concepts that would resonate with the city of Edmonton. This can be food, fashion, lifestyle, home, a service etc. Please keep in mind that if a concept similar to yours already exists at Manulife Place, it would not be considered unique.

Are you looking for a specific concept?
No! We love working with creative people who have amazing ideas, but may not necessarily have the financials to bring their idea to life. We want to tap into local talent, to create an opportunity for you to get great exposure, test the market and grow your brand, taking into consideration all variables of consumer trends, quality, product, service and demographics. Examples include but are not limited to fashion, jewelry, sports goods, vintage goods, home décor, art, services, food concept (must operate without ventilation) etc.

Do I need to have an existing storefront to apply?
No, you do however need proof of your existing business model. The more information you can provide in your application the better. Please ensure that all questions are specifically answered and detail is provided.

Do I need to live in Edmonton to apply?
All residents of the Province of Alberta are eligible.

Do I need to design my store?
Yes. Your store design and merchandising is totally up to you. Keeping in mind, less is more and a minimalistic feel is embraced. Your application needs to include inspirational images and/or sketch’s and/or renderings of what your store design will look like. Please make reference to the Case Study to see what the judging panel is looking for.

Are there any exclusions?
Yes. See restrictions below:
•  Your concept cannot be similar to one that exists at Manulife Place.
•  There is NO exhaust in the space. Your concept must be able to operate without ventilation.
•  If you have more than 2 long-term locations, we will not look at your application as a “new” concept.
•  Price point is an important factor. We are not looking for a concept that would be considered high-end and/or luxury.
•  Need to be a resident of Province of Alberta.

What important dates should I flag if I am interested in entering this contest?

April 3rd – Competition Opens
May 11th – Competition Closes
June 1st – Competition Closes (deadline extension)
June 8th – Competition Winners Announced
August 1st – Competition Winners take possession of retail space
September 1st – Pop-up stores open!

Don’t miss our FINAL application deadline of June 1st!